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Searching for Netflix Shows with No Dead Wives or Girls of Dreams

Usually I do the heterosexism test on Amazon Prime, but today I tried Netflix, where the trailer starts automatically, and if you click on the icon for more information, the movie automatically starts, and stays on your "Continue Watching" list forever.   So no research in advance; I'll watch until we hear about the guy's dead wife (in a drama) or he sees The Girl of His Dreams walking in slow motion (in a comedy).

1. Bad Trip sounds like a stoner comedy, but there's a shirtless guy on the icon, so I'll watch until the heterosexism becomes too annoying.

Scene 1: West Grove, Florida, working at the car wash. Ugly guy Chris is wiping down a car when Keith, who has just dropped off his Beemer. comes over to flirt.  Suddenly another car drives up.  Chirs stares in rapture as The Girl of His Dreams appears.  

1.53 minutes.

2. Who Killed Sara? Another shirtless guy, but I'll bet Sarah is his dead wife.

Scene 1: A boat speeds through clear waters somewhere in Spain or Latin America.

  Four shirtless guys and Sara drink, hug, swim, and basically act like they're in a Mountain Dew Commercial.  Sara's boyfriend Alex (Manolo Cardona, left, from another movie) kisses her and tells her how much he loves her.  Then she goes parasailing behind the boat, but the cable breaks, and she falls into the water and dies.   Dead Wife.

3.43 minutes.

According to the IMDB, Sara isn't his wife, she's his sister.  That can't be right.  They were hugging, kissing, and saying how much they loved each other.  I don't care what culture it is, that's not fraternal affection!

3. Secret Magic Control Academy. 
Animated Russian-language movie. There's a fey aristocratic guy in the trailer.  He couldn't be gay in a Russian movie, but maybe he's gay-coded.

Scene 1: A magical fairy tale castle.  A chubby king tries to sample the dishes for his upcoming birthday party, but the spaghetti turns into a cowboy monster and flies away with him.  The prime minister calls the Secret Magic Control Agency to help.

Cut to Secret Agent Gretel on a case: she arrests a circus ringmaster for kidnapping magical beings for his show. 

Scene 2: The Prime Minister at the Secret Magic Headquarters. Agency Head Stepmother tells him that they have checked everyone in the kingdom with a license to use magic, but no luck discovering who kidnapped the king.  They decide to seek out the help of a insider: Master Hansel, a wizard who is fond of pranks like making the town statue disappear.   Agency Head orders Gretel to bring Hansel in.  

Scene 3: Girls swoon over Rock Star Hansel. the fey guy from the trailer, as he begins his act.  It's actually a commercial for some "magic" amulets that he's selling.  A woman with a baby watches from the back.  Uh-oh, his wife.  No, she can't afford a doctor for her baby, so she needs a "magic" amulet.  He gives her some "magic gold coins" instead.  No wife?  Twelve minutes in, and no Girls of Dreams.  This has possibilities.

When in doubt, go with animation

source http://everydayheterosexism.blogspot.com/2021/04/searching-for-netflix-shows-with-no.html

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