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Who Are Pocket Boy and Cargo Man, and Are Either Gay?


When I see The Rise of Sir Longbottom on Amazon Prime, I assume that it was an entry in the Harry Potter universe. Neville Longbottom is one of Harry's allies, played in the movies by the extremely buffed Matthew Lewis.  So he's not only a professor at Hogwarts, he becomes a knight. 

The icon shows a woman wearing a man's suit, or a nonbinary person, or maybe Neville comes out as transgender? 

The blurb reveals  that this is actually a movie about spies : "Pocket Man, Cargo Boy, and all your favorite Section 62 agents are back to face a dangerous new threat."  

Section 62 must be an intelligence agency that everybody in Britain knows about, but no one else has ever heard of.  Is it the one that James Bond works for?

No, that's M16.  Google has never heard of Section 62.  

This is getting bizarre.  How can my favorite Section 62 agents return, if Section 62 has never appeared on film or in real life before?  

I decide to watch the trailer, but when I return to Amazon Prime, it's gone.  Was this all a crazy dream?

I conduct a lot of research, following clues from IMDB to movie review blogs to local newspaper articles to actors' instagram and facebook pages, hitting a lot of dead ends, trying to answer these questions:

1. Why does the title reflect the Harry Potter franchise?

2. Why does the blurb assume that everyone in the world knows who Cargoman and Pocketboy are?

3. Is there any gay representation?

The writer/director of Sir Longbottom is Clay Moffitt, who lives in Tempe, Arizona. So why make a movie set in Britain?  According to his Instagram profile, he is a husband and a father.  He has been married to Elise Moffit since 2011 and has four children.  I'm guessing heterosexual, politically conservative, and religious.  Maybe Mormon? 

He's got 7 acting, 13 directing, and 14 writing credits on IMDB.  

The co-writer, Mackenzie Clark, has 4 writing and 3 acting credits on IMDB.  He wrote and starred in Star Man, but not the 1984 romantic sci-fi movie, something about a boy who inherits superhero powers from his father. 

Pocketman and Cargoboy appear in a 2018 movie about "teenage secret agents" trying to stop an evil doctor from destroying the world.  I can't tell who the two secret agents are from the cast list; no Pocketman or Cargoboy are listed.  But maybe it's Jeremy Behie and Daniel Main from this photo.

Daniel Main has only three acting credits on IMDB, apparently all Pocketman and Cargoboy movies.

According to his instagram, Jeremy Behie is represented by a talent agency in Tempe, Arizona.  He loves cars, God, and his family (not in that order), and hates school(why learn history?  Everybody in it is dead).  Again I'm guessing heterosexual, politically conservative, and religious.

The Longbottom movie has the same two guys, plus some adult hunks, like Wayne Lundy, a personal trainer when he's not acting, and Mark Speno (left), a martial artist when he's not acting.

Are any of the characters gay or transgender?  The androgynous or nonbinary person in the icon does not appear in the cast list, and there's no Sir Longbottom listed, either.  

An androgynous person named Phoenix JD Gabe plays "Pyro."  But he apparently identifies as male.  He wrote, starred in, directed, designed the costumes, and did the makeup for a 2021 short, The Auction, about a young man "sold into human trafficking" and put up on auction on the Macabre site on the dark web.  I assume there's some gay connection.  Here he poses with what looks like a gay pride flag.

I can finally answer the three questions:

1. Why the Harry Potter reference? To get  Harry Potter fans to "accidentally" click on the streaming video.

2. Why assume that everyone in the world has heard of Cargoman and Pocketboy?  Directorial ego; the previous movie was made on a budget of $21,000, and released nowhere.

3. Gay representation?  I highly doubt it.

I finally find a trailer to the Longbottom movie, and watch it with the sound off: teenage secret agents fighting, adult actors looking embarrassed, a rear shot of a woman in a bikini, a man and a woman kissing in a pool.

Ugh!  Why couldn't I have seen that earlier?  And avoided all of this research?

Granted, the research was fun.

source http://everydayheterosexism.blogspot.com/2021/05/who-are-pocket-boy-and-cargo-man-and.html

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