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Shawn Roberts' Top 15 Boyfriends

How is it that I've never heard of Shawn Roberts before?  He's got the pecs and biceps that dreams are made of.  Nice delts, too. And he's been acting since he was 10 years old, in 1994.  Surely I've seen him in something. 

Turns out that he's usually surrounded by hunks, so his pecs and abs get lost in the shuffle.

1. Falcon Beach
(2006), a Canadian tv series about a resort town populated by girls in bikinis and "blond god" Steve Byers.

2. Flash Gordon: A Modern Space Opera
(2007-08).  A sci-fi channel tv series starring Eric Johnson's chest.  Shawn plays "Garus" in two episodes.

3. Left for Dead
(2007): Five fratboys are stalked by a psycho-killer. Shawn gets lost amid the Canadian hunks, including Steve Byers, Robbie Amell, Daniel Clark, and John Bregar (yow, look at those abs!).

4. The Virgin of Akron, Ohio
(2007). A tv series pilot about a model who returns to small-town Akron, Ohio (population 200,000), talks about God, and has relationships with various hunks, including Jeffrey Bowyer-Chapman (and Shawn).

5. I Love You, Beth Cooper (2009). 
Nerdy brain (Paul Rust) says this during his valedictory speech, so Beth naturally invites him to her graduation party, where he has to pull her away from her stereotyped obnoxious jock boyfriend (Shawn).

6. Resident Evil: Afterlife
(2010). The world is ending due to a virus spawned by an evil corporation. Some survivors are looking for Arcadia.  Wentworth Miller is the hunky lead, Shawn the villain.

7. The Music Teacher (2012).  A tv-movie (they still have those?) about a high school music teacher (naturally) who is facing the end of her music program due to STEM cuts (if it's not science and math, don't teach it).  So her former students, including Shawn and Kerry James,  put on a show to save the program.

8. Her Husband's Betrayal (2013).  It involves framing her for a murder.  With Shawn and Marc Bendavid.


9. I Do, I Do (2015): A girl relives her wedding day over and over until "she realizes what she wants."  Maybe the groom (Shawn), or his brother (Anthony Cupo)?

10. XXX: Return of Xander Cage (2017). 
 I don't know who Xander Cage is, or what he returned from, but he's played by Vin Diesel, whose physique might draw attention from Shawn.

11. Undercover Angel (2017): Big city girl moves to a small town and hires a handyman (Shawn), who helps her with repairs and "so much more."  Like going surfing with Matthew MacCaul?

12. Tainted
(2020). That's Alan Van Sprang as a former member of Aryan Nation doing one last job for the Russian Mob.  With Shawn as Koso.

13. Love Under the Olive Tree (2020).  Boy-girl heirs of duelling olive oil empires fall in love. One played by Benjamin Hollingsworth, none played by Shawn.

14. Heartland (2019-21). 
 A "family first" tv series set on a ranch in Alberta, with Graham Wardle as a noble veterinarian.  And Shawn as the evil owner of a rival ranch.

15. DC Legends of Tomorrow
.  Some superheroes, including Nick Zano (sigh), travel through time, repairing paradoxes.  Shawn plays Spartacus in one episode.

source http://everydayheterosexism.blogspot.com/2021/07/shawn-roberts-top-15-boyfriends.html

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